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  • Premium Discord Service with Active Live Chatroom/Voice Channel
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  • Access to Stock/Option Alerts from Our Trusted Analysts
  • Access to Trading Bots
  • Access to Our Exclusive Day Trade Alerts
  • Free 15 Minute 1 on 1 with JT or Market Wizard
  • Access to Premarket Notes from Market Wizard


  • All of The Features of Diamond
  • Free 30 Minute 1 on 1 with JT or Market Wizard
  • Exclusive Discounts on Future MasterClasses and Access to Premier Education Content from FYE University
  • Access to Private Group Sessions Once a Month with JT

What is Find Your Edge Trading?

Find Your Edge Trading is a community of traders where we all strive to find our edge in this ever-changing market. We are not here as gurus pumping stocks, flaunting a lifestyle that we are going to make you a millionaire tomorrow with 1000% trades daily.

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Why Is Find Your Edge Trading Right for You?

Trading for

Whether you are new to trading, or an experienced trader looking to add another tool to the arsenal, we are here to educate you to find your edge!

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Instant Information

Our Amazing Discord- We have a community of like-minded traders who use their edge to beat the market daily. We are all working together to help us become more successful daily.

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Option Alerts

+30 Live Daily Option Alerts given out during the week that are one step ahead of the market.

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The FYE System

We teach you how to find the trades so that our alerts are the only ones you’re trading. Learn Get in Control of Your Emotions

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Mentors-As a Member

Access to our Mentors-As a member of FYE, we are fully committed to helping you along your journey of becoming a better trader. We are available at your needs.

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Technical Analysis

Learn the Technical Analysis that matters- We teach you how to truly read charts and learn what the market is telling you in any stock/index. Learn how to read market generated information.

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Access to Algorithmic Data

We now have access to algorithimic data that can help step up your game! Game changing query that allows you do to your own research.

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So Why Us?

We understand that there are many services out there. Give our results and our commitment to our members, we believe that we are one of the best values out there. Whether you are already an experienced trader, or you are just getting started, there is never a time where you invest too much into yourself. We understand that many of us are busy to find the set-ups. We give out alerts that go directly to your phone via discord. Even if it is something you cannot watch, we teach you how to manage them, while you are doing what you need to do.

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