The path to becoming a consistent trader can be a path of turmoil. But it doesn’t have to be!

We pride ourselves in our approach to true market education and foster a community of traders that are well equipped to assess risk and make educated executions in the market.

Access Daily Live Stream Trading Sessions

Gain access to our daily live streaming trading session where you can get over the shoulder insight into what professional traders and analyst look at when making trading decisions in the markets!

Weekly Live Trading Education

The FYE community was started with the goal of providing the best in market and trading education available online! Gain access to our extensive library of past trading education and our multiple live classes weekly teaching you the best we have to offer when it comes to making educated executions trading in the markets!

Full Access To Our EZ Lay Up Algo Trading AI

Every member of our trading community gets full access to our EZ Lay UP Algo! This Algorithm was designed to be the #1 traders roadmap to plotting key levels, support/resistance, zones and much more, allowing you to focus on getting a clear picture of what is happening in the market!

Nightly Live Market Overview

Join us every night for our market overviews where we look at the key levels for the next trading day/session and recap the market moves that happened on the day!

Access Our Daily Watchlist & Levels

Receive our daily watchlist of tickers and the key levels we are looking to execute trades on! Do you trade an uncommon ticker symbol? No problem, join our live let us know which ticker you’re looking at and we will assist you in getting the levels you need personally!

Copy Trader Access


Tradytics Integration

Access our streamline copy trader and get instant access to the same trades our analyst are taking daily! Take full advantage of our Tradytics integration for all of your option flow needs!

Who is Find Your Edge Trading?

Find Your Edge Trading is a community of traders striving to find our edge in an ever-changing market. We are not gurus pumping stocks and flaunting a lifestyle that we are going to make you a millionaire tomorrow with 1000% trades daily. Absolutely not!

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Why Is Find Your Edge Trading Right for You?


As a member of FYE you get full access to our analyst and mentors! We are fully committed to helping you along your journey to becoming a better trader. We are available to service your needs.

The FYE System

We teach you how to find high probability trades so that our alerts are not the only resource you’re relying on when trading. Learn how to take control of your emotions

Technical Analysis

Learn the technical analysis that matters! We teach you how to properly read charts and learn what the market is telling you in any market whether stocks, indexes, crypto and more! Learn how to read market generated information and the true psychology behind the chart movements.

Option Alerts

Live Daily Option Alerts given out during the week that are one step ahead of the market.

Trading for

Whether you are new to trading, or an experienced trader looking to add another tool to the arsenal, we are here as your top source of market education so that you can find your edge!

Access to Algorithmic Data

We now have access to algorithmic data that can help step up your game! Game changing queries that allows you do to your own research!

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